"Trapped in Color" an exhibition of photographs by Robert Smith

Press Release

NYC: Viridian Artists is pleased to present an exhibition of the color photographs of Robert Smith entitled “Trapped in Color.” Smith has penetrated to the core of the lobster trap capturing its essence, revealing a brilliance of color unknown until now. The images create an unusual vision of architectural substance through color, line and form. The traps rest in and interweave with the natural landscape, juxtaposing and harmonizing mankind and nature. His signature statement remains his gift of seeing close-up what would remain unnoticed, as we simply pass by in the landscape.

Lobster traps have evolved from the well known, traditional wooden construction to those of metal wire. Smith, himself, felt the wooden traps possessed more character and bemoaned their loss. But last summer there was a transformation. Some of the metal traps and their enclosed netting changed from drab green to vibrant colors. His sentiments changed immediately upon seeing them stacked in a field outside the village area of the Maine island, where he has a summer studio. Bathed in partial sunlight, they shimmered and danced like liberated peacocks, exploding in rhythmic color. Smith went to work with his camera and later returned again to flesh out this series of photographs.

In culinary circles, the lobster is a singular taste experience, there is nothing like it. No matter what anyone may tell you. Together with the lobsterman, the lobster trap is the intermediary that brings this uncommon creature to you. These photographs can also be said to express a singularity of vision.

Over the years, Smith has brought his personal vision to the landscapes of Maine, California and metropolitan New York in three distinct bodies of work. He has always believed that nature is its best composer and alters nothing on the landscape. Using minimal equipment and only one lens, a 55mm macro and natural light, he maintains that it is always a question of seeing. Smith has lived many years in a practice called Sensory Awareness that brings him more into the present moment and informs his vision. During the summer months, he leads groups in photography walks called “Steps to Seeing: A Sensory Awareness Photography Walk” on Monhegan Island.

Robert Smith has had numerous gallery exhibitions and his photographs are collected across the United States, throughout Europe, and in Latin America, Canada, Japan, Australia and South Africa.