The creative split second is truly living in the moment. In that fleeting fraction of a second the camera becomes an extension of my senses and emotions. Once the shutter is released I know I will never see and feel exactly that way again.

"Sensory Awareness" has proven a major and enduring influence in my development as a photographer by opening the world to finer sense perception. It continues to inform my ability to empathize with my natural surroundings. The technical aspects of photography are learnable but the transformation of empathy into an artful photographic composition springs from a deeper intuitive process.

Contrasts capture my eye first: differences in color and texture, form adjacent to form, their scale and weight, movement versus stasis and especially how light plays on all of these. In the end the most critical element of composition is to tie these aspects together in balance and harmony. All in a split second! I rarely crop my image.

Using 35mm, I work simply, unencumbered by elaborate equipment. With one lens, a normal focal length macro, and no filters or flash, I shoot nature directly, in color. Nature speaks of beauty, simplicity, delicacy, and strength. No rearranging is necessary.

My hope is that these images will be able to communicate my deeply felt connection with nature and share a part of this rich heritage with you. Thank you for coming and taking an extra moment to see and feel my work.

Robert Smith